Cyber security is evolving at a rapid pace, while cyberattacks area constant threat. Firewalls alone cannot guarantee the protection a network needs against sophisticated threats and malicious attacks.

What is more frightening, high-profile data leaks or a direct Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks can harm your brand reputation after just one attack. Have you developed an efficient strategy for coping with the infinite threats online?

The next-generation solutions for cybersecurity, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and data-based management solutions, can bring you peace of mind that your network will cope and maintain business continuity.

Ampito Africa can intervene rapidly to help minimise business disruption, financial impact and network downtime, creating a bespoke defence strategy in order to combat any attacks. Taking a proactive stance will help ensure your company is aware of today’s current threat.

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Whatever the level of attach, genuine traffic is never compromised.

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