Aruba Networks HPE

Ampito Africa partners with Aruba to deliver market leading wireless solutions. Through our decade of experience supporting Aruba products and our in depth knowledge as an Aruba Platinum Partner we listen to your aims and your network requirements and provide trusted and secure mobility solutions to match. We work with Aruba because they deliver mobility solutions that don’t slow down when faced with unpredictable spikes in people and traffic.

Aruba offer end to end visibility and control over mobile users on multivendor, multisite networks. Together we deliver secure, role based network access for wired users and devices, independent of their location or application, with easy to utilise solutions to prioritise traffic over the air. Securing mobile devices with Aruba is simple, adaptive and automated instead of a tedious, labour intensive process that requires helpdesk intervention. Our Aruba mobility solutions scale and adapt to your evolving user, security and business needs.