Rapid advances in technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are radically changing the way networks are deployed and operated. Enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and Cloud-based WAN technologies, and the trend is expected to accelerate over the next few years, as it can help in solving the work-life equation balance and reduce pollution and commuting hours.

Looking through your customer’s eyes in network management and application performance is key to save you time and money and ensure your business IT requirements are on the right path.

From data centre to global localities via the Wide Area Network, network management is the business-critical part of your IT infrastructure which you rely on to be always available and secure.

What’s next in Networking?

At Ampito Africa we believe you should be able to take your network connectivity for granted, and always ready and capable of supporting the increasing demands of applications and their end-users.

We deliver both commercial and technical innovations for its customers by helping organisations to address their IT challenges through modular scalable solutions right through to fully managed global services.

As understanding the technical requirements is not enough, we put our time and service to understand how an IT bespoke service can address your company’s objectives.

Our data centre connectivity and hosting services can meet your changing business demand because they have the commercial and operational flexibility to scale up and down across all levels of availability.

Whether your organisation needs to address CapEx or OpEx challenges, Ampito Africa can design a commercial model to suit your specific needs.

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